Tianyu Liu

I am a software engineer with a PhD degree in nuclear engineering and science.

Previously I worked in academia for 9 years in the field of computational medical physics. My research interest included Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transport, radiation dosimetry, quantitative analysis of medical images. Most of my work was on the computation side, centered around GPU-accelerated software development and optimization, which I’ve been loving so much.

Recently I joined Motional as a senior engineer to develop GPU-accelerated software for autonomous vehicles.

I’m an avid fan of video games, single player FPS and RPG in particular. I used to play CS 1.6 and Quake Champions quite a lot when I had a lot of free time. Olden, golden days. In my spare time I’ve been developing my own open-source video game named Quarter Life, with Quake-style movement and fun game mechanics. My dream is to be able to finally deliver the game and have my son play it. I would burst into tears if he said “Wow this is cool!”

Another hobby of mine is humor arts. My wife and I have an Etsy store BiuBu Wonderland. I design and draw the funny cartoon characters, while my talented wife, who is a designer and artist, focuses on the architecture, landscape, watercolor, etc.

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