Far cry 5 is bad

This is what a triple A game looks like in 2018? What the fudge?

Story: The writer creates an intriguing start but fails to keep the story convincing and coherent. Many things are illogical or left unexplained. How did Faith and Jacob obtain their mind control ability? How did Joseph foresee the future? If everyone and everything you fight for is shortly to be shattered in pieces, what is the point of fighting and playing this game at all? The game has overdosed on mysticism and nihilism.

Game mechanics: The main quest is concocted from rudely intervening cutscenes and mediocre boss fights. The skirmish against Peggies in side quests is fun to play but feels very repetitive later on due to lack of variation. One of the few memorable fights is where you are tasked with preventing a group of Peggies from defusing the bombs you have planted at their factory; one of the few memorable stash quests is where you have to do a sequence of well timed grapples and jumps in order to loot a stash placed underneath a bridge. Perhaps the best thing is that you can partner with a dog (Boomer), a lion (Peaches) and a bear (Cheeseburger). But that’s all the pros of this game.

Character: Sadly, there’s no memorable character, except for the Marshal who is a joke.

Graphics: Beautifully crafted and highly performance-optimized environment.

Overall, I would rate this game 5/10, and I will not buy a game at full price from Ubisoft next time. Not GG.



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