Bioshock Infinite is a bad game

Bioshock Infinite is an extremely overrated game. It is actually the worst FPS shooter I have ever played. It is a disgrace to its two legendary predecessors Bioshock 1 and 2, which are my absolute favorites.

Bioshock Infinite features a nonsensical, meaningless, parallel universe plot, and offers no moral of story. It makes the players feel very bad as everyone just dies in the end.

This PC game is a wretched port of the console version. FOV and mouse sensitivity is an utter disaster; the combat system is purely horrendous; UI is a textbook anti-pattern. The only good part of the game is graphics, which in large part is offered by the third party Unreal Engine.

Bioshock Infinite has 2 DLCs, both are arrant failures. The first DLC has a pointless and confusing story arc. The second DLC turns out to be an extremely boring stealth game, where players can do nothing but just sneak all the way out.

In short, Bioshock Infinite is a very very bad game. It is not what Ken Levine should be proud of.


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